Paintings made with clay paints

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All of the paintings presented here were created with quite an original technique! All the works are made with different colored clay that Arno and Didier personally go out and collect from the islands of French Polynesia. 

Due to these islands being volcanic, there is a multitude of colors available that we then fold and sift together without mixing to keep the colors in as natural a state as possible. 

The works are then created on cotton canvas stretched on plywood. This allows us to create a preliminary sketch and then to apply the clays on a solid support


Artist since 2004, I create my paintings on the atoll of Rangiroa.

At the moment, I take my inspiration from the designs of marquisian tatooing and in the undersea world, which is exceptional in Rangiroa!

To create custom paintings, I offer you two different finishes:

–a flexible frame in kakemono finished with bamboo, which complements the natural clay style. 

This option has the advantage of being able to be rolled up, and therefore quite easy to ship.

–unframed canvas which will be made to standard margins to allow for professional framing of the painting.
This option is possible only with custom paintings created to a specified size.

The paintings for sale in our online boutique cannot be modified.



My name is Didier Vallin and I’ve been on the atoll of Rangiroa since January 2004. I met the artist Arno several years later.

He has a very particular style of painting with clay. 

Attracted by the originality and the results of his technique, we got along and the shared desire to take up the brush was born. I have progressed in this practice ever since, particularly in drawing, enough now to be able to present to you my creations.